This is for anyone who wants to know what 120+ hours looks like in Sairento VR

Put bluntly, it is the most incredible action gaming experience I’ve had on any platform, ever. Exhileration is off the charts, its super challenging on the highest difficulty. However, having practiced extensively with the control scheme, I am able now to pull off the most exhilarating action gameplay moments I have ever experienced. Thanks to the most recent addition of 3rd person spectator cam, it also turns out to be the most cinematic! 120+ hours is a long time to play one game, yet it still captures my attention. I look forward to playing it and learn something new every time.

I wanted to take the opportunity to present to you what practiced gameplay looks like. I’ve been accused of being a shill before, but Sairento VR is genuinely one of those titles that has turned me into a dedicated super-fan. People should know I paid for this product back in its first iteration in early access. It was awesome then, Its just grown to something incredible since.

I know you all can appreciate exactly what it FEELS like to be in the HMD and control roomscale, trackpad, teleport. In this game… its just a tornado… some might not be able to handle the extremity of movement, but if you can incredible things become possible.

Closest you can get to training in the “construct” in the film “The Matrix”.

So yes! Just to inform anyone out there that this game is worth your attention 😀 I still can’t believe games like this are already in existence after just 2 years of mainstream VR! And with co-op now, and campaign mode to come, Its not even finished yet.

So roll on the good times! If anyone wants to ask me any question about Sairento VR I’m in a good position to answer…! Thx for reading!

By VirtualRageMaster


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