Vive Pro: An early look at HTC’s new VR headset


HTC announced its new and upgraded VR headset, the Vive Pro, at CES 2018.

The original Vive was the first consumer VR headset that let you stand and walk and with controls that made sense in virtual environments. As the first of its kind it was never going to be perfect, but fast forward two years and the Vive Pro looks to have solved the complaints of its predecessor.

With a name like the Vive Pro you would be forgiven in assuming this is a virtual reality headset aimed at the professional market, along the lines of Starbreeze’s StarVR headset. That’s the one IMAX uses to create VR arcades in some of its theatres.

Although HTC hopes that the Vive Pro, in conjunction with the Viveport Arcade platform, will be used for similar applications, it’s still firmly aimed at the consumer.

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