A Mixed Reality Hardware


I almost missed the demo entirely. In the chaos and blur of CES 2017, I’d booked breakfast with the two representatives from Vrvana, a tiny upstart company making a mixed reality headset, but had failed to allow enough time for an actual demo of the device. But Kevin Carbotte, our VR reviewer, who saw and was blown away by the Vrvana Totem when he’d see it a few months earlier at Immersed, had admonished me before CES to make sure I saw the Totem myself.

So with profuse apologies, I asked the Vrvana guys if I could catch up with them later in the week. They graciously agreed. Eventually, it turned out, CEO Bertrand Nepveu left a party early to meet me and the Tom’s Hardware team in a casino hallway–Vrvana didn’t have a booth–and showed us his company’s creation: a true mixed reality headset.

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