HTC Vive Headset Nearing 100,000 Sales


While between HTC/Valve and Oculus, the companies have been coy on official sales figures, Steam data suggests that the HTC Vive install base is approaching the 100,000 mark.

Having launched just about three months ago on April 5th, the HTC Vive is the flagship headset of Steam, through which Valve is the main distributor of games for the headset. And while the Steam Hardware & Software Survey gives relative percentages of headsets used with Steam, we need to turn to other means to find actual figures.

That’s where SteamSpy comes in, which aggregates data from millions of Steam users into useful statistics about games sold on the platform. And though SteamSpy doesn’t track the number of HTC Vive headsets running on Steam, it does track the three VR games that come bundled with each Vive purchase: Tilt BrushFantastic Contraption, and Job Simulator. Thus, we can see the total number of owners of these games, giving us what appears to be a fairly accurate indication of Vive sales.

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