I’ve Been Waiting For The Oculus Rift, But Now It’s Sitting In My Closet


I pre-ordered an Oculus Rift on day one, and after a mess of mixed messages and delays, it finally arrived at my house a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t just the conclusion of a prolonged ordering process, it was the completion of an impossible dream. I literally own a virtual reality headset. When I say I’ve been waiting my entire life for the Oculus Rift, I don’t mean the specific Facebook product, I mean the ability to own magical goggles that can transport me into virtual worlds. And now I have such a thing.

For months, years even, I’ve been reading mostly tech journalists extol the virtues of VR, and the ones that managed to get their hands on early headsets seems to have gotten permanently attached to them. VR use is now an almost daily occurrence for them, some have entire rooms blocked off for the sole purpose of virtual reality. I too thought that I would be one of the converted once I finally had my own headset, but so far, the Oculus Rift has not become integrated into my life. Not at all, really. Currently, it’s in the box, in my closet, only taken out on rare occasions (you think I’m going to leave it out with all those messy cords everywhere? Please). And I’m frankly shocked that me of all people, addict of escapist media, is not immediately and hopelessly hooked on virtual reality.

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